Minutes of a meeting of the vaad minahel held on February 8, 2004

Present: Pamela Pearlman (Chair), Philip Yakar, Dov Cooper, Kobi Ableman, Tzvi Ariel, Penina Arbit, Randi Garber, Warren Burstein (taking minutes), Yoni Hammer (very briefly).

Review of Past Events

Annual General Meeting followup

Neil drafted a letter about the AGM decision to ask members to contribute an additional $260 to the building fund, it will be distributed to the vaad before being sent to the members.

Efforts continue to find new chairpersons and treasurer. We also need a new announcer and publicity coordinator (the same person could do both jobs). We also need two gabayim in shul each Shabbat; at least one more should be recruited.

For future AGM's, we should make the financial report available in advance, and the accountant should be present to answer questions.

The signators on all banks will be Neil, Tzvi, Dov, Warren, and the new chairpersons and treasurer when they are appointed.

Blood Drive

The blood drive was very successful, nearly enough units were donated to provide coverage for all members, details about how people can donate blood at MDA to meet the quota will be publicized. This should be repeated at least once a year.

The event brought in about NIS 4000 before expenses. The proceeds had been earmarked for the building fund. Future profit-making events will be alternated between the building fund and the general fund, and which fund will benefit will be discussed in advance by email to the vaad.

Future Events


The Shabbaton is full; people who signed up late were turned away, although they could have been accommodated had they signed up earlier. Pinchas will do the shiur. A bus probably will not be needed.

Early minyan

One was added to the schedule for Parashat Mishpatim.


Both megilla readings at night will be upstairs - the downstairs won't hold the smaller one. The location of the women's reading in the morning will be determined on the spot.

The downstairs space only seats 120; a discussion was held whether to limit attendence or to have it upstairs. There was some reluctance for using the space for purposes other than prayers and study. However, since the Halacha and Minhag committee had said this was OK, it was agreed to allow this, with the platform in front of the aron entirely blocked off for safety. Bruce Rosen will organize the meal, more tables are needed.

The gabayim will look into whether or not a microphone will be needed for the megilla reading and report back to the vaad.

Internal Shabbaton, part 2

Will take place on Parashat Ki Tisa, March 20th.

Shabbat Hagadol

Pinchas suggested that we invite Rav Bennie Lau to give his Shabbat Hagadol shiur at Yedidya (after an expanded kiddush) in addition to his regular shiur at Ramban after Mincha. Pinchas wil talk to him about this. If that doesn't work out, Pinchas and Etti will look for another speaker.

Kobi will talk to Elisha Cromer about a catered Friday night meal, profits to be applied towards cleaning for Pesach. Penina will organize.

Cleaners to come in Saturday night or Sunday to clean for Pesach.

Hachanasat Sefer Torah

Dubi Rabinowitz is loaning a Sefer Torah to the shul in honor of his mother, an event will be held on the first day of Chol Hamoed.

"From Freedom to Slavery"

Judith Green is organizing a symposium on trafficking in women on April 15. It will include the showing of a 40 minute documentary, "Bought and Sold", made in the FSU in 1998 by a human rights video group called "Witness". Speakers include Rabbi Levi Lauer, representatives from the Hotline for Foreign Workers in Tel Aviv and from Isha l'Isha (Haifa).

Yom Hashoah

Will be organized by Pamela Pearlman and David Silberklang. This event has been well-attended in recent years.

Yom Haatzmaut

We had planned to invite Beit Boyer to join us last year, but this was not possible, as the building wasn't ready. We will do so this year. Kobi will talk to possible speakers.

Yom Yerushalaim

The Zamir Choir will do a benefit concert on Thursday, May 20, Erev Rosh Chodesh.


Etti Ashkenazi and Simon Caplan will be asked to plan the Tikkun.

Open vaad meeting

The date for this meeting was set for May 2. The program will be discussed at the next vaad meeting.

Fundraising report

Things have been put in order and should run smoothly from now on, and Horaot Keva are being extended. Neil will approach new members about contributing to the building fund. A telethon is being organized.

The number of simchas at the shul is increasing; marketing still needs to be done.

The entire shul will be rented for NIS 1250 to members, more for non-members. People should put in the invitation to events that guests should not park on Rechov Lipshitz. The doors to the upstairs space will be lockable for when events are held downstairs.

Next Meeting

The next vaad meeting will be on Sunday, February 29 at 7:30.

More minutes