Minutes of a meeting of the vaad minahel held on November 30, 2003

Present: Neil and Pamela Pearlman (Chairpersons), Dov Cooper, Kobi Ableman, Penina Arbit, Randi Garber, Warren Burstein, Phillip Yakar (administrator, taking minutes).

The chairman welcomed Randi Garber, who had been co-opted on to the Vaad.

Group Reports


The project committee is still meeting with the contractor in order to get all outstanding work completed.  The important items of work (both originally scheduled and subsequently decided as necessary since occupancy) that need to be carried out:

·       Alarm system (being completed this week)

·       Pergola

·       Receipt of Tofes 4 and subsequent full electrical connection

·       Sifrei Torah – stability within the Aron Kodesh

·       Ramp safety

·       Development of children’s activity room downstairs

·       Coat-hooks

Fund Raising

A meeting has been fixed for 22.12.03.  It was suggested that, over and above repayment of outstanding loans, facilities for children’s activities be a main, secondary target for new funds.  It was stressed that, in order for the loan from the contractor not to accrue interest, it has to be repaid by 1.4.04.  While part of the income from dues was to cover $6000 of the loan, it is still not clear whether the remaining income from dues would be sufficient to pay the costs of maintaining the building in the first year.

Design Committee

While the committee was able to function with little interest from other members of the community during the years of the building’s development, the interest is now far greater and immediate.  Thus it is important that eh design committee give full reports to the vaad on any developments.  The present membership of the committee is: Haim Watzman, Donna Goldberg, Nadia Kahan, Artur Fraind, Hana Levine, Judith Green (chair), Michael Stahl, Nomi Ban, Ritchie Cohen, and Tzvi Ariel.

Present issues include the Pergola.  The combined wood-steel design is being checked by the Halacha committee.  Meesh Hammer-Kossoy will be asked to report the committee’s findings.

Tzedakah Committee

Tzvi Ariel is clarifying whether the committee’s activities and transactions will appear in the accounts starting from this year or next (2004).

Use of building

Recommendations on a range of prices are now ready and will be presented to the vaad for approval, after which they will be sent to all members.  They will be reviewed after three months.

The Zamir Choir is rehearsing in the building every Tuesday.  In addition to payment, they will give a benefit concert, proceeds to the kehilla.


Warren is preparing an updated membership list, which will be posted on the net and distributed with the AGM notifications.  Certain vaad meeting minutes were not distributed to members as they were not received by Warren.

Finance Committee

A meeting took place in October; the second is planned for December 16th. Priority is being given to preparing a yearly budget.

Review of recent events

Yitzchak Rabin Memorial

Attendance was far better than previous years, but less than hoped, considering the speaker (Elyakim Rubenstein).  This event needs wider publicizing.

Erev Shabbat communal meal

110 people participated, including some new members.  It was agreed by all asked to have been very enjoyable.  Note: the hall downstairs has room for 120 to eat sitting down.

Future events

Seminar on Social Justice with Rabbis for Human Rights

Date to be fixed – a winter Friday night suggested.

Children’s activities

Randi reported the following:

A new combined committee is working on activities for all ages.

Whenever finance or donations allow, an additional room is needed.

Suggestions for increasing kids (all ages) involvement in tefillot include: pre-mitzvah kids to “sign up” for Anim Zemirot; having the same group (7-12 year olds) go up on the bimah to lead Adon Olam; older kids to give divrei Halacha on Erev Shabbat, and be encouraged to read Torah; post bat mitzvah girls to read the 4 misheberachs.

These were unanimously accepted and Randi agreed to speak to the Gabbaim and Gabbaiot.

Safety problems, such as climbing over the fence or on the front wall, would be dealt with by preparing “kid’s rules” and asking Hershey Katz to get the fence repaired.

Early Minyan

The following was agreed:

The early minyan does affect the larger one, at a time when general attendance is down.

It should always take place downstairs and so not on days when there is a women’s torah reading, and in coordination with the Gabbaim.

A schedule of future dates should be sent out.

The problem of Shmirah needs to be addressed and solved.

Next Meeting

Sunday December 28th at 7:30

More minutes