Vaad Meeting - October 29, 2003

Present: Neil and Pamela Pearlman (Chairpersons), Dov Cooper, Kobi Abelman, Zvi Ariel, Pnina Arbit, Yoni Hammer.


The Chairman welcomed Philip Yakar, the new administrator and stressed that since his work is limited to 10-15 hours there is a need to concentrate his efforts on building demands, rather than general administration (this would include assisting the work of the capital campaign committee). As part of this Sharon Greenblat Deitch will  be asked to be the minutes secretary of the Executive Committee on a voluntary basis. All agreed on the need to keep voluntarism active in all areas of the community's work.

Philip reported on his first impressions and raised a number of issues that require attention:

  • Renting out the building on a fixed basis
  • Need for a rapid response mechanism for potential users
  • Resuscitating the finance committee
  • Office space and equipment
  • Information flow (who knows what and who tells whom)

In the ensuing discussion the following points were raised:

A systematic administrative program needs to be put in place.

The office will be in the shelter. The Kranc family have agreed that the memorial plaque may be moved to any room where children's activities will take place.

A budget of four thousand shekels was approved for the purchase of office equipment, including a lockable cupboard, chair and desk. Dov generously offered to lend his laptop computer.

The finance committee will work toward building a budget towards 2004, taking into account the $6000 allocated to the capital fund from dues.

There is an urgent need to take care of the slippery ramp.

The employment of a part time secretary (6 hours per week) was approved, this to be done through a special amuta at minimal cost.

Use of Building

Information and advice was still being collected on the following points:

  • Drawing up agreements for use of the building, both one-off events and longer term arrangements
  • Payment mechanisms. (Mark Sherman is providing guidance on this and the preceeding issue.)
  • Insurance issues. (Are non-members covered? Do users need to provide insurance). Philip will check with the agent.
  • Closing blocks of time on a fixed basis. The Use-of-Building committee will make final recommendations in the near future.

It was agreed that if Philip needs rapid responses to exceptional requests, he, Pam and Nava Sykes are authorized to make decisions. Pam will receive details of all bookings. An instruction sheet will be issued to all users.

As far as security at events is concerned we will recommend to users that they supply shmirah; the responsibility will be the user's.

Working Group Reports

These were circulated prior to the meeting. Arising from these reports the following was agreed:

The additional mechitzah on the readerís table will be kept. The design committee will submit designs to the vaad before changes are made.

Elchanan Reiner and Jonathan Fine wish to donate sets of books. It is not clear if we have sufficient bookshelves to accommodate them and if not, we need to investigate costs of new ones.

The various Children and Youth committees are to be amalgamated into one body.

From Wednesday Novemebr 12th Pinchas Leiser will lead a shiur at 7 p.m. followed by tefillat aravit.

Review of Recent Events

The tefilot on the yamim noraim were excellent. Thank you letters will be sent to the baalei tfilah.

The dedication ceremony was a complete success; letters of thanks to the organizing committee have been sent.

Forthcoming Events

1.               Rabin Memorial:

Eliyakim Rubinstein will speak on November 5th. We will try to distribute flyers locally.

2.               GA weekend, 15/11/03

The gabbaim are asked to take note of any special visitors.

3.               Rabbis for Human Rights Seminar

Agreed that this will take place on a Shabbat between 11.30 and 13.00.

4.               Welcome for new members

The pot-luck Shabbat meal on the evening of Shabbat parashat Lech Lecha would be a good opportunity to greet newcomers.

The chairpeople will arrange personal visits to all new members

1.               Concert

Steve Horenstein will perform a concert of one of his own compositions on 6/12/03.

Amuta Requirements

Financial Report 2002: Philip will check with the bookkeeper on the status of the report.

There is a need to find appropriate members for the vaadat bikoret. Sheri Fox will be approached.

Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday January 12th 2004 at 19.30.To attract members to attend a special programme will be arranged.

Elections to the committee should take place at the Annual General Meeting.

Vadd Minahel Membership

It was agreed to approach Randi Garber and Nami Stahl to be co-opted on to the vaad.

Design Comittee

In response to requests for vaad approval, the following was agreed:

The mechitza should be able to be opened and closed.

The hanging of pictures (members' work) which are appropriate for a synagogue, downstairs.

Membership of the design committee be expanded to include others in the kehilla.

Loan of Sefer Torah

Dubi Rabinowitch is willing to lend a sefer torah for an extended period on the condition that it will be used during the whole of the first year. He will pay for insurance. A decision will have to be made on the date of hachnasat hasefer.

Tofes Arba

The Municipality has approved the building change and therefore tofes arba should be granted within days and the electricity officially connected shortly afterwards.

Crisis Center

Philip reported on a meeting held at the Minhal Kehilati in Baka about setting up an Emergency Center. Representatives from a variety of organizations participated. An official representative should be appointed from Yedidya.

Date of next meetings

Monday November 24th, 7:30 p.m

Annual General Meeting. January 12th, 2004. 7:30 p.m.

Please note both of these dates in your diaries.

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