Special meeting of Vaad Hamenahel held in the shul on September 1, 2003

Present: Pamela, Neil, Yonni, Kobi, Danny, Penina, Warren, Dov, Laurie Heller, Marc Render.

The meeting was called to discuss immediate problems arising out of using the new building, and propose solutions and to discuss aspects the chagim requiring attention that need to be be identified now.

New Building

Problems requiring immediate attention (no order of importance)


Problem: Drifts from downstairs to up, especially the women's side. Also opening and closing of front door.

Action: (Marc/Tzvi) Automatic door closers to be fitted to doors (2 sets) going downstairs from women's side. Adjust front door.


Call for fans (Warren) and purchase outlet dividers to allow multiple use of outlets. (Hershey)

Reader's table

Problem: The low walls that "bisect" the mechitza expose the men and women's sides to those opposite, far more than was envisaged. Some like this change, some not. It is definitely a change in status quo.

Degree of referral to halacha is unclear.

•Recheck of halacha by the halacha committee (Debbie)
•Temporary trial of raising sides of table by use of temporary wooden slats and curtain type material (like the old mechitza material) to a height of 40 cm. (Tzvi) Collecting feed back (Neil and Pamela)
•Explanation in email (Warren/Neil)

Kids' activities

Problem: Area of front part of downstairs hall too exposed and noisy for organised kids activity.

Action: Clear small downstairs activity room for use next shabbat (Hershey)

Tofes 4

Problem: Must receive asap, to enable hook-up to national electric grid and 3 phase mains, thereby enabling use of air conditioning.

Action: Hershey to talk to David Cohen (kablan), in order to assess where things lie and where pressure is required. Enquiry into possible back up of rented generator (Tzvi/Marc)


Shomrim will become key holders and openers (i.e. alarm deactivators)

Problem: Mincha and Aravit on shabbat not covered. Action: Warren, Hershey and Eudice to discuss and suggest a rota of shomrim and other key holders who will be asked to go on a mincha/maariv rota in return for less frequent calls to the general kiddush rota.


•step by downstairs electric cupboards
•slippery floors
•acute right turn on ramp- short cut to mens wc

Action: Marc/Tzvi (building committee) via kablan.


Two more required along Rechov Gad and Lipshitz (Dov/Hershey)

Call for equipment donations ("shower")

Problem: when and how

•(Neil) working group chairmen who have not yet done so to produce "wish lists".
•(Eudice) to be asked to keep the lists and organise. No one date will be set, rather a continuous process to run from mid-September until after Succot.


Appointment of administrator

Several interviwed. No one chosen as yet.

Dedication Ceremony

HaRav Bina will recommend Isru chag Sunday October 19 in the afternoon. Requests mechitza is placed behind men's section as per Efrata. HaRav Yisroel Lau to be invited and expected to come.


Problem: Need to close membership list for purpose of seat reservation by 15th. Septmber.

Action: (Warren/Penina) Send reminder, if no response from expected families, begin to distribute names for telephone contact.

Problem: Total number able to be comfortably seated upstairs is unclear and therefore also unclear the point at which downstairs tefillot required.

Action: (Yonni/Dani) Put reserve baalei tefilla on standby for Mussaf on both days of Rosh Hashanah and for Kol Nidre. (Hershey/Neil) Arrange trial setup of chairs Thursday 5 p.m.

More minutes