Yedidya Vaad Minahel Meeting - 25 May 2003

Present: Neil Pearlman (Chair), Pamela Pearlman (Co-Chair); Penina Arbit, Tzvi Ariel, Warren Burstein, Dov Cooper. Guests: Noomi Stahl.

Kehilla administrator

The job description for the administrator is expected to be ready for circulation later this week.

Preparation for moving into new building

Building Progress

Tzvi reported continual progress, particularly with the carpentry work. Plans for the connection of the sewage line have now been sent out for consultation, and on receipt of their approval the building work involved can begin.

A remaining issue is the Electric Company's completion of the mini-transformer station. Only after receipt of "Tofes arba" can the electrical connection be made.

It is hoped that we will have moved in by July 2003.

Dedication Ceremony

Neil and Pamela will write to Mr. Ira Rennert about the possibility of attending a ceremony on Rosh Chodesh Ellul (Friday 29 August 2003). If Mr. Rennert can't attend in August, the ceremony will be held during Sukkot (in October.)

Transferring equipment and property

Jay Rosenberg has agreed to oversee the physical move to the new building.

Request for Building Use

A request received from "Yeud" (a Sherut Leumi related organization which teaches Torah to women aged 18-21) to rent the building from Monday through Thursday, 9a.m. until 7p.m., was referred to the Building Use Committee for examination and recommendation.

Review of recent events

Yom Haatzmaut

Positive feedback was received about the entire program - tefillot, the address by Rav Melchior and the dancing.

Future events


The Tikkun will take place at the Efrata School. Shiurim have been finalized (speaker, topic and time slots), and notices have been placed in Kol Ha'ir and In Jerusalem. Debbie agreed to prepare flyers for distribution by our younger members (coordinated by Rafi Rothman.)

Shabbat Parshat Emor

Professor Uriel Simon will lead a Shabbat Iyyun.


Following a discussion with Noomi Stahl about the continuing status of the Yedidion, the following was decided:

Membership Dues

In light of the additional operating expenses for the new building, and to finance loans unsupported by other funds, yearly membership dues will need to be set at a basis of 1,300 shekels per family unit and 650 for a single unit for 5764. Special rates for students and for overseas members will be determined shortly.

The following was stressed:

Neil and Pamela will prepare an explanatory letter to all members.

It was decided that for the Yamim Noraim, members will receive reserved named seats and that the cost of "guest seats" will be increased.

Financial Status

The current account was running low, with no more expected incomes until membership dues begin to be paid.

Halacha/Minhag committee

The response to questions on increasing women's participation in tefilla and kriyat Torah, raised through De'ot Yedidya, was poor. The Committee would therefore be asked to consider sending out a questionnaire or organizing a Shabbat Iyyun to determine the membership's position on the subject.

Certain members had enquired into the possibility of holding a separate mixed reading for the occasion of a bat mitzvah, i.e. a reading that would take place separately from the regular Shabbat one, perhaps at a later time.

Calendar Updates

The women's reading on Shabbat Korach (28 June) will be especially for those who have learned in the new chug run by Yitzchak Avigad, and could therefore take longer than usual.

Next meeting

Sunday, 15 June 2003 at 19:30 at Dov and Aliza Cooper's home.

Meeting adjourned at 22:25.

More minutes