Yedidya Vaad Minahel Meeting - 4 May 2003

Present: Neil, Pam, Debbie, Dov, Kobi, Yoni, Penina, Tzvi, Warren, Arnie.

Kehilla administrator

Arnie's last day of work would be on May 16th. A draft job description for the administrator for the new building and the kehilla was distributed and discussed. The improved draft would be discussed with members of the use of building working group and then sent out to the whole membership, asking them to refer suitable candidates to the vaad.

Members expressed sincere thanks to Arnie for his 8 years as shul administrator, wished him every success in his future career, and invited him to be tefillat Shabbat on Parshat Behar, to be honored with an aliyah and a presentation.

Building/fundraising/working groups

The main problem preventing completion is the approval and execution of plans to link the building to the municipal sewer.

It was agreed to plan to use the building for the first time and hold a dedication ceremony both on Erev Shavuot, canceling if it became necessary for any reason. (Other possibilities may include Rosh Chodesh Elul or Sukkot.)

The following guiding principles would apply to any decision on the matter:

All working groups were continuing to function, and meetings between their chairman and representatives of the vaad, building committee and capital planning committee were being held approximately every two weeks.

Recent Events

Shabbat HaGadol

Rav Bigman was very well received, 80+ people came to hear him in the morning, 50 in the afternoon. The idea of further Shabbatot with a " scholar-in-residence " was supported, with suggestions for other scholars including Yoel Bin Nun and Rav Lubich of Nir Etzion.


Shacharit on the first day should continue to start at 9:00am and include a short Dvar Torah. Suggestions for next year include organizing hag'alat kelim in the new shul and having Kiddush during Pesach (all items purchased).

Yom HaShoah

Professor Bachrach's presentation was excellent, though not as well attended as would have been hoped (about 40 people).

Future events

Yom Haatzmaut

Rav Melchior is scheduled. A question regarding musical accompaniment during Tefilot Yom Haatzmaut was referred to the Halacha/Minhag committee. Marty Vine, of Baka Community TV, will be filming a short documentary on Yedidya as we prepare to move into the new building.

Shabbat Iyyun on "Transitions - Moving from Efrata to the New Building"

This was organized for Shabbat Behar.

Shavuot Tikkun

Final answers were awaited from: - Danny Sinclair, Micha Goodman, and Tamar Kadari.

Shabbat Iyyun on Social Inequality

Rabbis for Human Rights had written with a proposal and it was agreed that such an event would be very appropriate to hold in the new building.

Condolence Card (designed by Cory Shulman and Sharon Binder)

Pamela would supervise the completion of this project.


The new editor, Noomi Stahl, would be invited to the next meeting to discuss the general question of publications.

Calendar Updates

Kobi will send out a new file.

Vaad membership

Debbie Weissman will be on Sabbatical for most of next year. David Waxman and Dina Kahn, who have been unable to take part in activities over recent months, will be asked if they wish to continue.

Next meeting

May 25, 2003 - 19:30pm at Pam and Neil's Place

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