Vaad Meeting - MARCH 31, 2003

Present: Neil, Pam, Debbie, Kobi, Yoni, Penina, Tzvi, Warren, Arnie

Building Report

There was an emergency Vaad meeting to in order to approve an additional contract with the contractor. Among other things, it would obligate the contractor to finish the work by May 15, 2003. Since interest is involved in the loan section of the contract, the question of a “Heter Iska” was raised and is being researched.

The sewage problem has been solved and the city will absorb most of the costs involved.

From now on, Tzvi will provide vaad members with weekly building updates.

A final decision regarding the date for the dedication ceremony (currently scheduled for June 5, 2003) will be made no later than 1/5/03

Fundraising Report.

Members need to be brought up to date on all aspects of the building, not only construction, but also funds, equipment, future dues, projected uses, etc.

Maaseh Committee

Ruth Horenstein and Kobi are coordinating Pesach Seder hospitality arrangements

Halacha/Minhag committee

Debbie gave a verbal report of the recent meeting, including:

Full versus half hallel on Yom Haatzmaut (see below)

Increasing women’s participation

It had been recommended that on Shabbat women read the 4 special prayers, i.e. for the sick, for peace, for the State of Israel and for the IDF.)

Decisions of the Halacha/Minhag committee

Very few responses had been received to the proposals put out in the minutes and in the De’ot. The committee felt that not every topic required a series of public meetings before a decision could be made, while others certainly needed communal decision. After discussion the following process was agreed:

The H/M committee’s first meeting on a topic will be among themselves.

This will be followed by discussion on De’ot Yedidya and/or at a Shabbat Iyyun

The results of the discussion would be taken to another meeting of the H/M committee, which would be open to the general membership.

A final recommendation would be made to the Vaad.

The Vaad will then either approve the recommendation or bring it to the kehilla for a vote.

The above process applies from now on to issues not yet discussed, but not to the few issues that have already been addressed.

Specifically, regarding the committee’s recommendation on the issue of hallel on Yom Haatzmaut (continuing full hallel but adding the prayer for peace to the tefilla), insufficient time and opportunity existed to go back through the above process (in particular as no shabbat was available for a shabbat iyyun between now and Yom Haatzmaut) It was therefore decided to accept the committee’s recommendation for this year, but the issue will be open for discussion for next year.

Recent Events


Very good reports and several thank you notes received. There were 36 families (39 last year), with fewer infants, but about the same number of children. It was suggested that perhaps in future years, there could be two shabbatonim - one geared heavily for families with children and one for families only with older children. There were a few families who attended who had not renewed their membership. Arnie will send them an email regarding this oversight.

The cost was slightly more than last year, but the same amount of subsidy was given. Several families paid the full amount (and not the subsidized amount), and only a few families requested extra subsidy money.


Good reports received. The first megilla reading was full (though not overflowing), and the microphone system worked well. The timing of the ending of the first reading and the beginning of the second needs to be worked out better in future years so that there will not be an overlap.

The Mishloach Manot project was an astounding success: 75 membership units participated for a total of 19,060NIS income, which less 2400NIS expenses, gave a net profit of 16,660NIS. The Tzedakah committee received 7500NIS, which in addition to additional monies received that day (matanot l’evyonim), accounted for a total of over 10,000NIS. Yasher Koach to all who helped make this a success.

Forthcoming events

This Shabbat is Shabbat Shmirah, recognizing all of the shomrim for their diligent efforts.

Shabbat HaGadol

Rav David Bigman, Rosh Yeshivat Maaleh Gilboa, will be the scholar-in-residence. We will have an extended Kiddush instead of a potluck lunch.


Tzvi will do the bdikat hametz and Neil will enact the sale thereof. Kobi will put out a flier.

Yom HaShoah

Prof. Bachrach, will present “Farewell Letters”.

Shabbat May 10, 2003 - “Farewell to Efrata” Shabbat.

Pinnie is organizing a Shabbat “praida” iyyun.

Yom Haatzmaut

Rav Melchior is scheduled to speak.


Kobi and Debbie are organizing the Tikkun.

Kuppat Tzedakah

Arrangements are being made to open a new bank account.


There is an issue going out for Pesach.

Education Portfolio

Jeff Green has agreed to take on this responsibility.

Next meeting

May 4, 2003, 19:30pm at the Arbits'.

More minutes