VAAD MEETING - January 7, 2003

Present: Neil, Pam, Penina, Warren, Debbie, Dov, Yoni, Tzvi, Kobi, Arnie


NEXT VAAD MEETING:  TUESDAY FEBRUARY 11, 2003; 8:00pm @ the Arbits

1) Tzedakah Committee

Ronnie Ban joined us for this discussion, on the possibility of donations to the Tzedakah committee receiving tax-exempt status.

This would require (by law ) the accounts kept by the committee to open to public scrutiny, and presented to the annual meeting as part of the kehilla’s annual financial report, which is sent to the registrar of Amutot.

This had been discussed in the Tzedakah committee who felt that meeting these requirements mighty compromise the confidentiality of recipients, some of whom may be members of the kehilla.

After a full discussion, Ronnie agreed to take the matter back to the Tzedakah committee.

2) Organizing activities in the new building: before and after the move.

Working groups have been formed on the following topics. The names of the coordinators are in brackets:


Dedication Ceremony (Carole Rosenthal)

Maintenance (Hershey Katz)

Kitchen (Eudice Harris-Weiner)

Uses of the building (Nava Zohar-Sykes; Gerald Cromer)

Kids’ activities (Rafi Rothman)

Library/Sifrei Kodesh/Sifrei Torah (to be decided)


Each of the groups would be taken on a special tour of the building to give them a basis for planning their activities.

An on-line discussion group will be set up to allow co-ordination between the groups and overall management by the Vaad.

3) Shabbaton

Fixed for March 28/29, Parshat Shimini/HaHodesh, at Ramot Shapiro, Bet Meir.


The Vaad approved a subsidy (as in past years) which will keep the cost to approximately last year's price plus 10 percent.


It should be made clear to participants that anyone who wishes to do so may pay the full cost, thereby allowing a greater subsidy to go to those who would not be able to participate without it.


The programming committee will meet soon. Anyone interested in helping may contact Pamela Pearlman.


4) Reports

a) Finance

Dov presented the year-end figures for 2002. Funds to cover the many varied costs of moving to the new building will need to be made available. The capital campaign committee will be consulted to see if any contingency has been made for these costs.

A special Annual General Meeting in order, amongst other business, to ratify the 2001 financial report, will take place at on January 21, 20:00pm at the school.

b) Building

No change since the last Vaad meeting. The aim is still to move in by Purim, though due to delays within the municipality on receipt of an occupancy permit, the actual move might be delayed.


Design issues have been discussed regarding the mechitza, aron kodesh, parochet and the chairs.

c) Fundraising

A bookkeeper has been hired to assist in the presentation of and administration of income/expense information regarding the additional loans that are being sought.

d) Maaseh Committee

The questionnaire to assist the organization of minyanim during shiva is being sent out this week. In addition, a babysitting list is being prepared for future distribution.

e) Halacha-Minhag Committee 

At the last vaad meeting, members accepted a recommendation from the halacha/minhag committee's regarding the question of davening less than a full hallel on Yom Haatzmaut. 

That decision was made before any general agreement had been reached within the kehilla on how to deal with recommendations of the halacha/minhag committee.

For this reason, it was agreed that the matter be held over until the final decision making process has been agreed. Debbie Weissman has prepared a paper with recommendations on this point, which will be sent out to the whole community for feedback.

5)   Forthcoming Events

a) Tu B'Shvat

Debbie Weissman will host an evening of song in her home on Erev Shabbat Parshat Beshallach, which is also Tu B’Shvat.

b) Purim

The issue of using a microphone for the upstairs megilla reading was referred to the halacha/minhag committee.

Penina suggested the organization of mishloach manot on a community basis. Members of the kehilla 'buy' a mishloach manot for other members.  Despite the number of orders placed for any specific member, that person will receive one large mishloach manot with a bracha and a list of names of all those who 'sent' it.

Funds raised from this activity could be split between the Tzedakah and the building funds. This suggestion was approved.

6) Shmirah on Shabbatot/Chagim

Members wished to record their sincere appreciation to the group of men who have been undertaking Shmirah over the last 8 months.

7) Educational Activities

The position of “person responsible for educational activities in the kehilla” has remained unfilled for some time. Efforts will be made to find a suitable person for the task.

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