MEETING - October 22, 2002

Present:  Neil, Pam, Penina, Kobi, Warren, Debbie, Dov, Yoni, Tzvi, Arnie


Monday November 11, 20:00pm at the school building

Tuesday December 10, 20:00pm at Debbie Weissman's home

Special meeting

The next meeting (November 11) will be a special meeting dedicated to building related issues only. The full building and fundraising committees will be invited to update the Vaad on financial/fundraising issues and discuss the pros and cons of entering the building at the earliest possible stage, i.e. even though it may be incomplete.


Background information required for the meeting:

* How much was spent on the building from 1996 to present;

* How much is owed;

* How much is pledged

* How much is needed in order to: a) occupy without furniture and fittings b) occupy with furniture and fittings c) complete the total project including the basement

* Fundraising expenses versus new money raised as a result.

* Information about the kehilla’s tax status (46a) Explanatory material will be sent out to the kehilla. In addition, members will be invited to a special meeting with a tax expert to answer additional questions.

*Contributions to the kehilla


Warren will update the website with relevant information

Maaseh committee

The first meeting has taken place (minutes enclosed) Pini Leiser and Jonathan Fine are working out the details of the ‘Shiva minyan project’.

Letter of welcome to new members

The new member welcome letter was approved. It will be sent to new members with the upcoming full membership mailing, along with the membership list, a letter from the Maaseh committee and the Kiddush toranut list.


It was decided that in addition to insuring the Sifrei Torah, the kehilla should take out 3rd party liability coverage. Dov Cooper will speak to our insurance agent about it.

Evening of instruction about use of gas masks and building “sealed” rooms

Gary Heller, who is apparently an expert on this topic, has offered to hold an ‘instruction night’ in English, at the school, for members of the kehilla, particularly those who came after the Gulf war. It was suggested that there also be a presentation to address the general psychological concerns of the current situation and impending war. Neil would approach Danny Brom, who did this so effectively in 1991 before the outbreak of the gulf war.

2nd loan for building

Marc Render came to speak on this subject. The kehilla has the opportunity to take out a 2nd $100,000 loan from an anonymous lender. Marc presented the terms specified by the lender and it was agreed that they were very favorable to the kehilla. Pledges to cover the loan exist and their reaffirmation by letter has been requested.  The following details of the loan’s operation were agreed:

    * The contract will be signed by Dov Cooper (for the Vaad) and Laurie Heller (from the fundraising committee)

    * The list of committed pledges should be presented to and checked by two Vaad members (Neil and Kobi);

    * If it is necessary to open up a new account for the transfer of funds repaid, then two signatures would be required - Marc Render and one other person from the fundraising committee.

It was unanimously agreed to approve the loan, subject to the above, and receipt of b).

Post Shacharit Breakfast.

On Friday December 6, 7th day of Hanukah, 2nd day of Rosh Chodesh Tevet, guest chefs Neil Pearlman and Gary Heller will be preparing and organizing a breakfast after davening. More details to be distributed at a later date.

More minutes