Meeting Notes, Building Use and Maintenance Committees, Nov 1, 2008.

Present: Eudice Harris, Penina Arbit, Dov Berger-Cooper, Gary Heller, Philip Yakar

Supervision of events

A discussion of the minimum requirements for an ‘event supervisor’ elicited the following requirements:

- Able to prepare the building for its use - opening and closing the building, operating  the alarm system, turning on the lights, managing the ventilation system;

- Able to supervise the caterers (or others) set up the room including checking that Yedidya equipment is not taken by caterers, and that their equipment is not left behind as well as ensuring the garbage and spills are dealt with;

- Able to operate independently without constant on-site supervision;

- Able to perform simple maintenance / cleaning tasks during 'down time' at events.


It was, therefore, recommended that a single individual be hired who is capable of cleaning, repairs, set-up and supervising events. If necessary, secondary worker(s) may also be secured.


Dissatisfied with the performance of the incumbent (Shlomo) in his inability to perform the minimal requirements, he may remain at his job until an appropriate person is located. His responsibilities will be limited to opening and locking up the building and other tasks directly connected to preparing the event.


A short discussion was held to address the issue of paying the event babysitter to be “on call” but off-site either at a full rate or discount. This concept of charging for time when not actually present at an event was totally rejected, and it was requested that this practice cease immediately.  All workers will be paid only for their actual on site work time.


It was suggested that Yedidya no longer always provide the service of putting up and taking down the tables and chairs.  In other catering halls, it is expected that the caterer and his staff do that job. 


It was agreed that one person must be present at all times during a non-member event – either the administrator or the janitor/event supervisor.  The janitor/event supervisor will perform minor cleaning tasks when he is not busy with supervising the event.  If the administrator is present, he may release the janitor/supervisor (as he currently does), but the latter will no longer be paid for time he is not present at the event.

Cleaning payment

No decision was made about how the cleaner should be paid — by a monthly flat rate (based on expected time required to complete work) with additional work paid separately, or to continue an hourly rate schedule.


Eudice requested that Shlomo record his worked hours on his time sheet the same day worked (as every other worker does) and not at a later date.

Shabbat rentals to non-members

Due to the desire for full use of the building by the membership on Shabbat and Haggim, the committee recommends that we stick to our former policy of not renting the building out to non-members during those times. Any and all requests for exceptions to the rule will be referred to the Building Use Committee (Kobi, Eudice, Penina and Dov) for evaluation and decision. This new policy will be presented to the vaad menahel for its approval at its next scheduled meeting..

Rental rates

To be discussed at a later meeting.

Maintenance issues

To be discussed separately – Eudice, Gary & Philip.


A short discussion was held to determine a system of identifying all visitors/occupants (key holders) in the building to ensure that its closed properly upon their exit. Gary offered to investigate the possibility of installing a computerized identification system on the doors.

Reservation dates

Decided that families reserving a Shabbat for a simcha will have priority over all other requests that Shabbat. Any additional requests will be cleared with the “simcha family” prior to any acceptance of a rental. In other situations, normal reservation rules will apply.

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