Minutes of the Maaseh Committee meeting – 15/10/02

Members present: Andy Katz, Pamela Pearlman, Chana Levine, Dory Ouaknin, Debbie Kelter, Debbie Greniman, Nadia Ableman, Kitty Weitz.


A review was made of the functioning of this committee over the past year.

1) The list

The list of different forms of help that was sent out and returned by about half the members proved useful, mainly in arranging food for new mothers and Shiva houses.


Andy is sending the list to people that have not yet replied, hoping to increase participation.


We have to publicize the names of the sub-committee organizers on Yediot Yedidya.

2) Births

This sub-committee functioned well until the procreation explosion in mid-summer, when it was hard to keep up with demand. It was suggested to ask people to store a meal in their freezer in preparation for a particular busy period.

2) Babysitting service

A much needed service. The idea is to get a couple of teens to make a list of babysitters that will take a fee a little lower than the going rate. There would be a central person to call when a sitter would be needed. (New update-Mizmor Weitzman has agreed to do the initial list).

3) Emergency situation organization

Thoughts turned to help in times of national stress such as war and the impending Iraqi crisis. Needs such as helping with babies and small kids, looking out for singles in need of contact, errands and technical advice (where to buy nylon sheeting!) , will arise. Nadia will compile a list of people who might need help.

4) Shiva

The Vaad minahel has requested a list of men who go to the regular morning minyan and therefore should not be called upon at times of a Shiva. In this way the Shiva sub-com can arrange a morning minyan in the Shiva house without uprooting the regular minyan. (Not an easy task but one that is halachically correct.)


This committee should organize chairs, siddurim and a sefer Torah.

5) Bikur Cholim 

There should be a better system for finding out who of our members is infirm in order to do this important mitzvah.


Kitty Weitz announced her intention of starting a regular visiting group for the patients in Bikur Cholim Hospital on Wednesdays at 16.00-18.00 .She will make the announcement herself after Tefillah on Shabbat.

5) Newcomers

Linda Gradstein needs more people to be on this committee .We discussed the need for a Shabbat Hekerut, and it was suggested that the “hekarut” activity take place over a whole month, instead of just Shabbat. This would give people more chance to invite newcomers or people who are still strangers. This should be done soon!

6) Youth involvement

Apart from internal chesed such as baby sitting and running errands, David Waiman is interested in finding outside projects to get involved in. We suggest that he coordinates with Rafi Rothman who is taking on organizing the teens.



Please report to me any progress that is made (or lack of it). A meeting will be set in about 6-8 weeks.


Regards, Pamela Pearlman.

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