Minutes of Annual Meeting Amutat Yedidya

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  1. Marc Render was elected to chair the meeting.


  1. Jeff Cohen was elected as secretary of the meeting.


  1. Audited Accounts 2008

Avi Farkash, our accountant, presented the report. The financial crisis did not affect Yedidya, we had a relatively good year, and our situation is stable.

The deficit is a result of depreciation and is not actual. The reserve is about 500,000 NIS, and our membership numbers have not changed.

Harvey Sher asked why our money was not invested in a profit-making fund, other than banks which are giving no interest at all these days. This issue will be looked into.

The Financial Report for 2008 was approved.


  1. Report of Vaadat Bikoret

Deborah Greiniman presented the report. The Vaada approved the accounts.


  1. Verbal Report

The report, to be sent to the Rasham Amutot, was circulated and approved.


  1. Chairperson's Report

Noomi Stahl presents the report on activities during the year. (Subsequently distributed through Deot.)


  1. Appointment of Accountant for 2009

BDO Ziv Haft were appointed for a further year.


  1. Election of Vaadat Bikoret

Deborah Greiniman and Carol Fuchs were elected for the upcoming year.


  1. Election of Board Members

The following were elected:

Miriam Fine, Noomi Stahl, Kobi Ableman, Penina Arbit, Bob Carroll, Esther Edell, Randi Garber, David Gleicher, Donna Goldberg (will be away for a year), Gary Heller, Daniel Rohrlich, Michael Stahl.

The Vaad was empowered to add new members during the year, particularly those responsible for children's activities. It was pointed out that there is no restriction on the number of years a member can serve.


  1. Miscellaneous

Thanks were expressed to the chairpeople for all their hard work.

Thanks were expressed to Eudice Harris for her contribution to the running of the Shul.

The question of art works was raised. Discussion will be encouraged on Deot.