18 November 2007 / è' áëñìå úùñ"ç



Meeting was called to order at 20:10.


I. Appointing Chair of Meeting


Marc Render was appointed meeting Chair.


II. Appointing Secretary of Meeting


Dov Berger-Cooper was appointed meeting Secretary.


III. Audit Committee Report


Deborah Greniman presented the Audit Committee report on behalf the committee. An external, for the use of the Rasham Amutot, and a private internal report, for the consideration of the Vaad HaMinahel were presented. A copy of each report is attached.


The Audit Committee recommended approval of the FY2006 Audited Financial Statement. It also recommended that a cost-benefit analysis be engaged for the use of the building for non-community events to determine its appropriateness as well as a strengthened of financial oversight by the Finance Committee.


IV. FY2006 Financial Statement


Avi Farkash on behalf of the Amuta Accountants (BDO Ziv and Haft) presented the 2006 financial statement. Signed copies of audited report are attached.


His presentation was divided in two; (i) an explanation and elaboration of the financial details as presented in the audited report and (ii) changes in the “Amutot Law” which are effective with the 2007 fiscal year.


  1. Financial Details:


Pages 2 and 3 of the report were highlighted which detailed that the FY2006 was financially improved over FY2005. The deficit was reduced and with continued activities, the deficit may be fully erased within the next two to three years. Currently, the deficit – the affect of the costs associated with the building of the synagogue building – is less than twenty-five [25] percent of total expenditures.

  1. Legal Changes in Amutot Law:


Three changes were highlighted:

  1. Date of submission of audited financial statement has been moved up to 30 June. As of 2007 the audited statement must be approved and submitted to the Rasham HaAmutot six months following the close of the previous fiscal year. The 2007 report is due 30 June 2008.
  2. A narrative detailing all activities of the Amuta during the fiscal year must also be submitted (in addition to a financial report) to the Rasham HaAmutot.
  3. The Audit Committee is empowered to review in ten specific areas the operations of the Amuta. An external body (not the approved auditors) may be contracted to perform these expanded duties.


Starting in 2007, a copy of the audited financial statement will be distributed electronically to all Amuta members at least one week in advance of the Annual General Meeting.


V. Approval of Audit Committee Report


Motion: To approve the Audit Committee Report as presented.




VI. Approval of FY2006 Audited Financial Statement


Motion: To approve FY2006 Audit Financial Statement as presented.




VII. Vaad HaMinahel Program Report


The Co-Chairs, Penina Arbit and Randi Garber, presented the FY2006 program report on behalf of the vaad ha’minahel.


The report detailed a robust year of programs and activities during the previous fiscal year. Using the theme of “the world stands on three pillars, Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Hasisdim” (Perkei Avot), Penina highlighted the on-going programs like shiurim, tefillot and “good works” – clothing drive, blood drive, home hospitality and tzedaka fund. Randi’s presentation highlighted the internal programs like promoting communal dialogue (renewed Deot, Rabin evening discussion group), outreach to the community (Hesed Committee and being ‘good neighbors’), building improvements (chairs, preparation for renovating basement area) as well as the commencement of a functional organizational review in consultation with Shatil.


Appreciation was offered to all members of the vaad ha’minahel and community committees for their hard work.


A presentation of gifts for the outgoing Co-Chairs was made.


VIII. Selection of the Amuta Accountant for 2008


Motion: To appoint BDO Ziv and Haft (the current accounting firm) as the Amuta accountants and to prepare audited financial report in 2008 for FY2007.




It was noted that due to the extra requirements associated with the Amutot Law and its coming into effect in 2008, accounting costs will be increased approximately 4,000 nis. The Administrator in coordination with the Finance Committee will follow up.


IX. Election of the Audit Committee for 2008


Motion: That Deborah Greniman and Miriam Fine serve as the Audit Committee for 2008.




X. Election of Vaad HaMinahel for 2008


The following were thanked for their past service as members of the vaad ha’minahel: Dov Berger-Cooper, Jody Blum (and as Treasurer), Simon Caplan and Bobbie Silverklang who ended their terms with the Annual General Meeting.


Motion: That the following be elected to serve on the Vaad HaMinahel in 2008: Kobi Abelman, Penina Arbit, Warren Burstein, Sharon Greenblatt-Deitch, Esther Edell, Donna Goldberg, Yonni Hammer-Kossoy, Gary Heller, Neal Pearlman, Daniel Rohrlich, and Michael Stahl.




Motion: That the Vaad HaMinahel be empowered to make any necessary changes by a simple vote to its structure pending official approval at the next Annual General Meeting.


APPROVED (2 objections)


·       Marc Render (Friday evening point person) and Bobbie Silberklang agreed to temporary serve as the coordinators for home hospitality for visiting groups.

·       Profound thanks were offered to Angela Brice æ"ì on her work coordinating home hospitality for visiting groups.

·       Esther Edell agreed to serve as Treasurer.


Meeting adjourned at 21:45.

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