Minutes of Capital Campaign Committee, May 12, 2004

Present: Laurie Heller, Marc Render, Tzvi Ariel, Haim Watzman, Philip Yakar.

Apologies: Mordechai Beck, Neil Pearlman.

Meetings with “new” members

Neil has met with 3 or 4. Haim is to schedule 2 meetings and Linda Gradstein 1. We need to know which members are on Neil's list, so that other approaches are not made.

Overall Picture

Marc gave a breakdown of income and expenditure through 2012, from 05/05/04. It shows that some $7,500 will be have to be found to cover expenditure of 250,000. This includes a forecast of $55,000 from the general fund.

The general fund's budget is not yet clear. A finance committee meeting will take place on May 23.

It was agreed that a contingency plan be put into effect, whereby certain big donors would be approached again, and some lenders be asked to consider part of the loans as a donation, all this to cover any potential shortfall from the General Fund.

Overseas membership

This subject should be brought to the Vaad Menahel.

Committee membership

Yitzchak Avigad has resigned.


The committee approved a budget of $500 for the next edition provided:

In addition recommended that the offer of overseas membership be included.

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